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Ph.D. Human Development

Judy Stevens-long is an internationally known researcher in adult development, the author of four editions of Adult life, developmental processes, and a new guidebook to the last stages of adulthood, Living Well, Dying Well as well as numerous journal articles and handbook chapters. She has taught developmental psychology for all of her career, and has consulted to professional groups and universities in team building and communication. She has helped design graduate level programs in human and organizational development, including a Master’s Degree in Organizational Design and Effectiveness, a certificate in Evidence-Based Coaching, and a variety of continuing education programs. She was a founding faculty member of the University of Washington, Tacoma.  She has served on the editorial boards of several journals, including the Journal of Adult Development, and served as co-organizer of the Society for Research in Adult Development.

Areas of Expertise

Researcher, Author, Professor.

I have taught and consulted on a variety of topics in adult development, including personality development and personality style, team and group development, communication and conflict management. I am available for public speaking, and consultation. I am also a writer and can create  articles for websites and magazine in any of my areas of expertise.

My approach emphasizes healthy coping with life’s great challenges. I am interested in the common events people encounter as they age. How do we react to big events—like marriage, parenthood, divorce, education, career change, and loss? I have always considered the whole person in my work, taking note of emotional, intellectual, behavioral and spiritual aspects of development. I have published a number of articles that explore each of these aspects in relationship to the big events of life.

I believe that positive development is a possible response to all the challenges of life. With the right information and support, we can continue to mature throughout the life span, until the final moments. My work has been devoted to exploring the optimal conditions for maturity, which I define as being able to think about a wide range of ideas with curiosity and good judgment, to work and play well with others, to be capable of compassion and patience, and to make the best of the hand you are dealt in life.

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